You’re not alone


70% of people experience a life-changing traumatic event…

Stress changes everything.

Job loss, relationship struggles, hurt feelings or loss.

Grow stronger and find balance when the real world bangs at your door.

Start rebuilding your life and see the happiness you really want!

Three Ways to Get Started

Clarity Session

Have your thoughts and beliefs, whether family issues, work challenges or health concerns, been holding you back for years?

FREE Serenity Tool: Audio Process

Worried. Frustrated. Fed up. Are you unhappy in any way?

Feel uplifted. Clear your energy. Do a Happy Dance instead.

It’s divine.

EFT Tapping eBook

How to: Use EFT Tapping to Take Down Stress & Feel Better

Our FREE eBook shows you how to use EFT to make big changes in your life!

Deb & Michael Lindholm

Who We Are

Of course you want to know more about “who” we are and what we stand for before you invest in yourself and our services.

So, we’re going to let you know a bit about us… without the fancy titles and labels.

Why Serenity Matters

When life seems out of control and it’s hard to get a handle on daily matters – like paying bills, running your business, or taking your children every which way. If the dreams you have seem out of reach because negative thoughts stop you – who will ever listen to me, I’m too old or I’m such a loser.

…when stress gets in the way

How would it feel if the thoughts and beliefs that held you back for years…were swept away?

What if you could tap into your inner guidance and trust yourself and your decisions?

What would it feel like when life “situations” come up and you handle them with ease?

And what if you didn’t have to do it alone, if you had a true, heart-felt partner by your side guiding your through the whole process?

Serenity Solutions

Clarity Session

Your life, and all the stresses, can make finding a solution tricky. Start here with our Clarity session to help you to break out of a rut and start moving on.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is for you if you really want and know you need one-on-one, undivided, consistent personal attention and if a degree of private nurturing is appealing to you, as you’re learning to take stress down to a reasonable notch, and focusing on your self-care.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is for you if you really like being a part of a group of like-minded, like-hearted individuals. You find groups to be inspiring, caring and supportive. In other words, you thrive in that environment.
Life feels different and more fun. Unbelievable things have been happening too! I appreciate what you taught me and how you explained everything in ways that were easy to understand. This helped me to be focused, interested, and on the edge of my seat…I am eager to learn more and so grateful that you have been such a precious and important part of my journey.
Angela, Nantucket, MA

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7 Tips to Bring Down Stress

Manage daily stress in your life with these 7 simple techniques.

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