Individual Guidance

If you’re ready to jump in and finally take care of yourself – like you’ve never done. You know a lot about yourself. You’re committed. This is not your first rodeo.

So, here are your options:

Individual Coaching is for you if you really want and know you need one-on-one, undivided, consistent personal attention. A degree of private nurturing is appealing to you, as you’re learning to take stress down to a reasonable notch, and you’re focusing on your self-care. You like the idea of an individual program that is tailored to you in real time, specific to what you want and your precious time schedule.

One that has efficiency built into it that will make all the difference in your world right now, by reducing stress and giving you the tools you need to do it on your own. And, finally an individual program that is doable and affordable, and brings you a reasonable value for your money, because that’s only right and what you deserve, quite frankly.

Here’s what’s included in your Individual Coaching
program that you’ll receive over a 4 month period:

8 Individual
1-Hour Sessions
(2 per month)

Conducted by phone, zoom or Skype. Or, if you’re local to our geographic areas, you have the option of conducting your sessions in person. Individual sessions are super empowering and provide a confidential nurturing space, giving you the chance to say out loud what is on your mind and not be judged for it. This allows you to explore what you want and how you’ll get there, while accessing all levels of your consciousness, creatively and safely to get the feedback you want.

8 Audio/Video Recorded
Self-study/Learning Modules
(2 released per month)

Plus handouts and exercises, for you to engage with at your own pace, because we know you have plenty of other stuff to handle in your life. This segment will give you some structure and satisfy that part of your conscious mind that wants to know more. The time you set aside for these modules will give you an opportunity to go deeper within yourself and discover what’s really keeping you from going forward. Or, bring up what comes up, when you do the module, in your next individual session.

Unlimited E-mail Access
for Brief Check-ins

Because your questions and concerns are important. We want you to have the support you need if something comes up in the wee hours and you want to off load it in an email. We’re not saying we’ll answer you in the wee hours, but feel free to use email for your burning questions.

Access to Our Private
Phone Line

For occasional quick check-ins, because sometimes it’s just easier to talk for a few minutes. We’ll answer those calls on a first-come, first-serve basis once we have your contact number and we’re available, of course.

Small Gifts

That may be a book, video, cd, essential oil or something else, because we just love to give presents once we get to know you better. Presents that have a purpose…that are uplifting, informative, nurturing or will help you with self-care or deal with stress.

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