Clarity Session

Have your thoughts and beliefs, whether family issues, work challenges or health concerns, been holding you back for years?

As you watch others happily living their lives, seemingly struggle free, you think:

That should be me!

Chances are you know what you don’t want…more struggle. At this point, you may even know what you do want (or, that could be up for review)

You should be able to have the life you want, that you dream of instead of worrying about hurt feelings and the consequences they may lead to.

If you’re tired of trying so hard and feeling like nothing. ever. changes. in your life. Or it’s always some major production where things feel so close…yet so far away. But it’s not your fault.

You were never taught that there were ways to change your doubt and worry…and that you didn’t have to do it alone.

Well, you’re not alone!

Sweep away old thoughts on your 50 minute Clarity Session for $50

And you may think there’s no one to listen…

We’ve been through the “stuff of life”

We (Deb and Michael) have dealt with much of the stuff of life, learning how to move beyond the rough patches and improve the quality of our lives.

Between us, we have experienced relationship challenges, losses of loved ones, financial and job losses, accidents, a near-death experience, life-threatening situations, betrayals of the worst kind and other serious stuff. You know, it’s the kind of stuff that a lot of people go through in life.

And, when the stuff of life erupts, as it can from time to time, we rely on the inspiration and solutions that are found within our inner power. We know the benefits of a calm and serene mind and the power that gives you to make your life better.

It’s because of the stuff of life that we offer a Clarity Session to help you see what’s holding you back and how you can move forward.

I can’t begin to tell you how much my life has changed. I’ve been able to upgrade beliefs about myself, my career and relationships. I’m happier, more joyful, and feeling less stressful. These are real, noticeable changes for me.
Marsha, Teacher, Summerville, SC

The Goal of your Clarity Session

To help you gain clarity about what you don’t want, what you do want and what your next best step is.

You’re the focus.

And we’re dedicated to that focus because it serves you!

We’ll spend some time with you on the phone (or Zoom call) gently exploring ways you can begin to shed what you don’t want…and open up to getting what you do want.

During your 50 minute session we’ll:

  • Get acquainted – of course
  • Look at your current mindset and behavior
  • Explore the things you don’t want in your life
  • Listen to and learn about what you do want
  • Help you get rid of some stress
  • Get a feel for what you’ll need to go forward
  • Be there for you! As part of your success team, we’re with you every step if that’s what you choose.

After our call, and you’ve gotten to know us a little more, you’ll be able to evaluate first-hand if we’re a fit to work together.

If we do choose to work together, we’ll tailor a program to fit your needs, budget and specifications, based on what you share with us during the session.

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