Refocus Your Energy To Change Your Life

Oct 25, 2016

Have you ever noticed that you can walk into a room and the energy is almost palpable?  Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “You could cut the tension with a knife.”  We’ve all felt it.  That almost tangible feeling you get when you walk into a room where people have been fighting.  Energy has a vibration and when concentrated, as it is when a group of people are tense and agitated, you can almost reach out and touch it.

This kind of tense or negative energy, if you walk into it or surround yourself with those who are releasing it, can have a profound effect on your own disposition and attitude – especially if you are unaware of the powerful effect energy has on us.  It affects your thoughts, your attitude toward yourself and others, and how you live your life.

The same holds true for positive energy.  Walk into a room full of positive people, a party, a person’s home, and even a house of worship or a sanctuary and feel your life force surge.  You feel surrounded by positive energy and your mood and attitude get better. You feel uplifted.

How Does This Happen?  Where Does This Energy Come From And Why Does It Have Such A Strong Effect On Us?

Plain and simple – your thoughts have energy.  If you are in an argument with someone, then you may feel negative, angry, or resentful and even have some hurtful thoughts.  The other person probably is experiencing this too. This negative energy is given off by everyone.  Unless you’re aware enough to recognize it and separate yourself from it, you can become mired in negative energy, which means more negative thoughts.  It can become a vicious circle.

However, the universe has created all things in balance and good thoughts emit good energy.  So, you can tap into this concept in your daily life by simply connecting with a more positive level of consciousness. Btaking a little time for yourself to focus on a peaceful and harmonious inner world of thoughts, you’ll be able to cultivate the power of positive energy each day.

  • Do you pray?
  • Do you meditate?
  • Do you create intentions?
  • Do you talk to God, The Divine, The Universe or your Inner Power Source or Higher Self?
  • Do you take quiet time to contemplate?

What You Send Out Comes Back To You.

Each time you send a thought out into the universe it carries energy with it.  Think about that for a minute. It’s a pretty powerful concept. Not only do your thoughts have a direct effect on those around you – your thoughts carry energy into the universe too; they have a direct effect on the energy you bring back to you.

Explore these statements:

I am drowning in debt.

I am debt free.  I am a strong, powerful, resourceful person.

Each statement sends out a different tone, a different vibration.  Each statement brings something back to the person who said it. The person who says “I am drowning in debt,” will likely continue to drown in debt.  That’s the energy they’re sending out and it’s what they’ll get back. It’s the good old law of attraction in action.

The person who says, “I am debt free.  I am a strong and resourceful person,” will become debt free.  That’s also the law of attraction at work.

What do you want to receive? 

What do you pray for, if you pray?  What do you meditate on? What do you ask the universe for?  What do you desire most?

Are your thoughts in line with your requests?  Are you asking in a manner which will attract what you desire?  If you want better health, are you framing your thoughts, intentions, and prayers in a positive manner – so you will draw better health to you?  Or are you focused on the negative and unintentionally attracting more of what you don’t want?

Most of us slip out of balance from time to time.  We forget, momentarily, to focus on the positive and let negative energy sneak in.  However, there are various methods to help yourself refocus on the positive and make it a way of life.

They include:

  • Practicing awareness – staying in tune with your thoughts
  • Clearing and letting go of negative beliefs
  • Surrendering to the divine
  • Expressing gratitude regularly
  • Taking responsibility for your outlook on life

If you ask for what you want in life in the right way, you’ll be setting the stage to receive it. By staying positive, the right energy will be behind your requests Then you’ll be able to notice what changes or not and make course corrections to your energy, your thoughts, and your intentions. By refocusing your awareness, you will be directing your energy toward a better life.

©2009-2019 Deborah A. Lindholm

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