Group Guidance

Group Coaching is for you if you really like being a part of a group of like-minded, like-hearted individuals. You find groups to be inspiring, caring and supportive. In other words, you thrive in that environment.

Groups are your thing.

You feel better being a part of a group than figuring out something solo.

Because, you know that when someone else shares their struggles and you listen to them, you feel the synergy in that experience, and you know you’ll benefit in ways that will surprise you.

Or, you know that when you say things out loud, you get a better sense of what’s going on within you.

You like the idea of having some common goals with others that most likely want some of the same things you do, namely to tame that stress monster that keeps rearing up and distracting you.

It’s appealing to you to know that you have the option of listening to the recorded group calls privately and at your leisure. So, that you can be fully present to the experience, stopping and starting as you please.

Or, showing up in real time, speaking up, asking for help or not. There’s absolutely no pressure and that is something important to you.

And, lastly, a group program that is totally doable on your terms, brings you the right balance of personal attention, the just right structure, for the right price. Because, that’s what you’re looking for and feel is the right fit for you, right now.

Here’s what’s included in your Group Coaching program that you’ll receive over a 4 month period:

8 Group Sessions

8 group sessions held for 60-75 minutes (2 per month) conducted by phone or video, using zoom. Your choice of how you want to participate, because we want you to be comfortable and come as you are. And, each session is recorded in case the date and time slip your mind or you just can’t make it for a live session. It happens to all of us.

8 Audio/Video Recorded Self-Study/Learning Modules

Two released per month, plus handouts and exercises, for you to engage with at your own pace, because  we know you have plenty of other stuff to handle in your life. This segment will give you some structure and satisfy that part of your conscious mind that wants to know more. The time you set aside for these modules will give you an opportunity to go deeper within yourself and discover what’s really keeping you from going forward.

Unlimited E-mail Access
for Brief Check-ins

Because your questions and concerns are important. We want you to have the support you need if something comes up in the wee hours and you want to off load it in email. We’re not saying we’ll answer you in the wee hours, but feel free to use email for your burning questions and we’ll address them privately or share with the group, if appropriate.

Small Gifts

Surprise small gifts that may be a book, video, cd, essential oil or something else, because we just love to give presents once we get to know you better. Presents that have a purpose…that are uplifting, informative, nurturing or will help you with self-care or deal with stress.

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