Our Approach

It doesn’t matter what your goals are. The inspiration and the solutions are within you.

To help you know and understand this, we developed a S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step system to guide clients toward a serene mind and the inner power and solutions that are within everyone.

You can easily learn to use the S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step system and apply your inner awareness and power to what matters most to you in your life.

What is your S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step system?

In dealing with the challenges of life, we (Michael and Deborah) discovered our unique Inner Power Source. The discovery greatly enriched our lives, leading us to develop The S.M.A.R.T. Solution to the Stuff of Life: How to Recover from Just about Anything & Rebuild What Matters. This holistic method helps you to gain clarity and apply that clarity to life situations and goals.

What would it be like to feel like you’re aligned with your deep inner wisdom? And, know that you’re congruent with your values?

The result is less inner conflict and self-sabotage and a serene mind that supports your well-being.

We use an easy, informal conversational approach that combines conscious mind education with subconscious updating and Higher Consciousness input. It’s simple and effective to do over the phone. It’s as if you’re casually talking with and connecting to your personal source of empowerment when you are guided through the system we use.

Your Inner Power Source (IPS) is an untapped resource that lies under-utilized until you learn how it works, how to tap into it, notice it, listen to it and rely on it.

When you say “Yes” to any of our programs – you are saying “YES!” to your IPS, acknowledging yourself as your personal source of empowerment.

As Inner Power Coaches, we are thrilled to share what we’ve learned so far about how to tap into your deep inner awareness and wisdom, and how to use it so that you begin to experience real and noticeable positive changes in your life…where it matters to you most.

Our Methods


Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as EFT or Tapping is an evidence-based method that realigns the body’s energy and nervous systems to reduce stress. Using your finger tips to gently tap on acupressure points on the upper part of the body, you are led through an easy process designed to address all types of issues that you may have, including stress. Clinical research has proven that EFT is more effective for reducing cortisol, the “stress hormone” than psychotherapy alone, by producing a “neutral emotional state” that promotes health and wellness and assists with decision-making and goal achievement.


Serenity Vibration Healing® is a self empowering form of energy psychology and active form of prayer that helps release counter-productive thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions; buried in the unconscious and subconscious, inherited through genetics, or carried forward by the soul. It can also teach you how to have a unique, transformative experience of communicating with the Creator/Higher Self. As a mastery tool, it ignites your path and purpose with clarity, focus, and conscious awareness; freeing you to live the life of your dreams. It is a step-by-step prayer system; all the hard work is done for you by the Creator/Higher Self.

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